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Our weekends are 100 percent about Theo, no question. Thatís pretty much why Iím perpetually 4 months overdue for a haircut and my toenail polish is an embarrassment. And why I have two unused massage gift certificates. The weekends are family time. Sure I sometimes have brunch with the girls and Nate and I get a sitter to head out at night, but for the most part, itís all about Theo. And we like it that way. And so does Theo. Heís often so excited to have both of us all day that he simply cannot nap. And when itís time for bed, Nate and I get the biggest group hug you can imagine.

As a way to make the weekend a little more special lately, weíve been doing early Sunday dinners together at a local Greek restaurant. Theo loves ordering his own hummus and telling the waitress that mamaís hungry. And Nate and I get to have a yummy meal before 9 pm. I really love it. Nate loves it so much he has started suggesting family brunches more often, too.

I think we're both feeling the clock ticking for quality just-the-three-of-us time. And quality letís-eat-out time. I remember all too well how difficult it was to navigate restaurants with a wee baby. Iím hoping the bulk of that difficulty stemmed from our fear and inexperience and that we can soon have a highly enjoyable family-of-four meals outÖespecially that new baby coincides with eating-outside season and the fact that I can enjoy wine and Bloodies soon.
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