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Chris, Ange and Charlie made the trek to Brooklyn this morning. So nice! Nice to hang out and chat while husbands kid-wrangle. Nice to cuddle Charlie pants. Nice to see Theo around the baby. Good stuff.

Itís crazy what a project it can be to get together when you have two little men with different napping schedules and a 40-minute commute between 'em. Both Ange and I are at home on Fridays but have not yet been able to meet up. Think itíll happen when Iím toting an infant and a toddler? Sigh.

That is one of my big worries about having two kids: The logistics of working around two nap schedules and actually leaving the house. Right now, as soon as Theo sees his sneakers heís yelling ďoutside!Ē Toddlers and waiting patiently donít really go together. And babies have this fantastic knack of wanting to eat as soon as you have them strapped in the stroller or carrier. Or they poop just as you feel fresh air on your face. I have visions of hour-long struggles to get to the front door. But a moment later, I can picture the fam gaily strolling to the park, me with my ice coffee, Theo snacking on raisins and baby happily snoozing next to him in the stroller.

The bottom line: I'm totally clueless.
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