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Theo is very into Easter eggs. He insisted on carrying our basket o eggs to Leonnie’s house this afternoon for the big playgroup egg hunt.

He was totally the dominant hunter. (Note to self: Arm Theo with a smaller basket next year.) He was a man on an egg mission, for sure. Luckily, he’s easily distracted so I just kept putting eggs back for others to discover. The funniest thing: Theo and Leonie were way more excited about eating the colorful hardboiled eggs than the chocolate ones. That is until Theo discovered that some eggs hosted chocolate Goldfish crackers. “Ohhhhh, choc-o-late fiiiiish!”

Seeing all of the kids run around in the backyard was really super sweet, especially today. It’s our playgroup anniversary! The four kids and four mamas have been spending Fridays together for a whole year now. It’s hard for me to even remember my Fridays without them, really. And soon enough, we’ll be adding a whopping three more little ones to the group. (Lots of pregs mamas!) The fact that the kids are become big siblings together makes me really happy—and relieved. And, you know, becoming a mom of two with others who are dealing with the same exact thing is a big fat relief too.
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