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Iím making my last big Babies R Us run tomorrow: new change pad, thicker bassinet mattress, rain cover for the stroller, randomness. With all that soon to be checked off the list, Iím feeling really good about the baby prep. The newborn to three month clothes are washed and good to go. The swing, bouncer and car seat covers are all free of grossness, too. Batteries are bought. The birth kit and various extras like zip locks (for the placenta, no less) and baby foot print kit is at the ready. The gift that new baby is going to give Theo is waiting in the basement.

Getting ready for number two is not quite like getting ready for number one. Not only do I not need as much, but I donít have that sense of panic that I have to have every little thing we may possibly need stocked. I remember going out to buy Q-tips and baby oil to have in Theoís nursery before he was born. Why? I read that I needed them. Did I ever use either? No. I had diapers coming out of my ears, too. This time, I have two things of Pampers. Need more? Um, Iíll go to Target. No biggie.

Sadly, one thing from my to-do list for this baby is a leftover from my to-do list for Theo: Get new glasses. Sad, right? Oh, and take prenatal yoga. Sigh.
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