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As much as Theo thrives on routine, subtle shifts often happen that take the old routine on a new course. Like...

Bananas have been replaced by cottage cheese. We were all about bananas in the morning for months. While the rules on who was supposed to peel said banana shifted daily, the wanting of a banana held strong. Then I randomly had a cottage cheese one morning and Theo wanted to try. Now every morning we hear “Cheese, mama?”

Getting the mail is a big priority now. Everyday when I return from work, I used to be greeted by pj-clad Theo ready to swipe my keys and play. One day, however, when I got tears instead of smiles, I offered to take him to get the mail. “Mail? Mail!” Then off the boy went. Now every day we must get the mail together.

The big boy blanket is in full effect. One night, Theo would not go to sleep. He was banging the crib. He cried and fussed. He was making a big ol racket and driving me absolutely bonkers. When I went in to try to settle him down, I asked him if he wanted a big boy pillow and blanket. I remembered he seemed impressed that his buddy Spencer had a big boy bed, complete with all of the big boy sleeping accoutrements. Theo said yes. So I pulled his hippo pillow off the window seat and dug a blanket out of his closet and tucked him in. Silence. Now the hippo and blanket live in the crib.

I’ve been reading to Theo every night for, I don’t know, ever. I always let him know which is the last so he can make his very important last-book pick. But as this baby-to-be gets bigger, Theo has less room to sit on my lap to enjoy the reading. To help make up for this lack of comfort, I started asking if he’d like to hear his last book in bed. “Yes!” So when I tell him it’s last-book time, now he walks over to his crib and waits for me to plop him in and read.

And that's that.
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