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You’d think that before one decides on a home birth, one would have watched The Business of Being Born. You know, the Riki-Lake-naked-pushing-out-a-baby movie. Well, you’d be wrong. Nate and I just saw it this weekend and I’m happy I did. It really got us excited about the whole thing. And seeing babies being born in the presence of their older toddler-age siblings really made me rethink Theo’s role in the birth.

At first, I didn’t want him there. I wasn’t worried about traumatizing him or anything. I was worried that he’d be too big of a distraction. I didn’t want Nate dolling out apple sauce and reading “I’m a Truck” to the little man while I’ve got a small person working his way out of my uterus. And I didn’t want being a mom taking me out of the moment of becoming a mom again.

But the toddlers in the film…it was so moving. They quietly watched in awe and were able to give their brand-new baby sister or brother a kiss immediately. The families all got to be families from the moment of birth. Theo deserves that—we all do—I think. Plus, I think it could totally be traumatizing to, say, go for a walk with a babysitter then come back an hour later with a baby in the house. Theo might never leave the house again.
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