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Lucas sat in his awesome Bumbo seat for the first time today. Love it.

Another first: I rode all the way from Massachusetts to New York in the front seat. That’s kind of sad, I know. I’m sure most parents graduate to the passenger seat well before their kid is two. We’re just not in the car much because, well, we don’t have one. And we only take cabs to the airport. So when we pile in the car for a 4 hour ride, Theo is not quite used to it. There’s the motion sickness. And the throwing of things that one cannot reach from the front seat.

Today, however, I said F-it and called shotgun. I handed Theo some brand-new choo-choo books, I fired up the Dora DVD and—gasp—chatted with Nate, with only the occasional puppet show for the backseat driver. And it all went well. Really well. And no one vomited.

Ahh, Theo and are growing up so fast.
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