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We are heading into serious baby-prep mode. Iíve been sorting through the mounds of Theo clothes in the basement. I even made myself a new-baby clothes-size cheat sheet so Iíll know if, say, Theoís size 9-12 month corduroys are seasonally appropriate for the newbie. (They are, in fact.)

And a few weeks ago I bought a bassinet for our bedroom. Used. A little too girly for Nateís taste (you know, eyelet). But Iím happy. We have a place for baby boy to sleep and I didnít spend a lot. Would I love to get a beautiful antique cradle? Sure, but Iím trying to keep reality in focus here. Bassinet is temporary. Itís in no way part of the dťcor. Right? Used eyelet it is. Trust me unborn one, this doesnít mean we love you less. Besides, we got you an awesome stroller.

Today the family made the Babies R Us trek, complete with gift certificates and coupons, because thatís the way I roll. Nate put that sucker together right there in the store, Theo crawled in and we were off. So easy! Nate and I are already in love with this thing. We didnít feel like we were hogging the sidewalk. It handled bumpy sidewalks and cobble stone streets great. Hell, Theo nearly fell asleep while inside. And Theo never sleeps in the stroller. Never. Iím excited to have the two little men sitting side by side soon. Woo! Let this be the magical sleep mobile!

Next up: Cup holder (mamas of new babies need coffee) and car seat adapter. And new bottles, change pad, bottle toteÖah!
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