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I am in pain and I am grouchy. For a week now my right knee has been killing me. Hurts to walk. Hurts to tackle stairs. And to add to my less-than-rosy mood: This baby o mine is clearly practicing for the Olympics in my uterus. Back and forth, back and forth all day and night. No sleep for me.

How can I be grouchy pregnant already? Last time I only took a turn for the sour when the baby dropped and I had, like, a week to go. Of course, being pregnant with #1 is vastly different from being pregnant with #2. There are so many things to keep mama-to-be out of the grouchy zone the first time around: The constant how are you feeling? inquiries, the maternity clothes shopping, the baby showers, the strangers asking you when you are due, people telling you how cute you are all of the time, the baby prep classes and shopping and putting together the nursery, the regular reading about what your baby is doing this week, the constant wondering of what it will be like to be a mom...its all so new and exciting and life changing.

The second go-round is not at all like this. The bells and whistles are not here. The adoring public is gone. So Im left with a big ol belly, a been-there-done-that wardrobe, exhaustion, and a trillion more responsibilities than I had before. And no ability to nap or relax. It makes the carting around of another person 24/7 a little rougher, I have to say.

BUT I am happy to report that Nate has gotten up to retrieve Theo in the morning for many days in a row now. I never have to ask. Sure I wake up to a crib getting shaken and Nate muttering a few choice words, but I do get to remain horizontal a little longer than normal and that is truly something great.

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