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Theo’s pal Spencer needed someone to look after him a couple days this week. Big score for Theo! He got to have two all-day playdates while his nanny ran around after the two of them.

You should have seen Theo when I got home today and yesterday. He was bursting with excitement from all of the fun had with Spencer. He was literally running in circles and screaming with glee. I’ve seen Theo crazy excited before, but this takes the cake. He was downright nutty.

Theo’s nanny had a great time, too. And I don’t even think she was BSing me. She was all, “They entertained each other!” And both Theo and Spencer napped for two hours. And the boys actually left the house, rode in the double stroller and no one got left behind or blew a gasket. This is sooo good for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that two kids don’t scare Theo’s nanny. At least one of us is ready!
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