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A while ago, when I was in the land of strip malls and Macaroni Grills, my sister and I went to Michaelís. Itís a craft store. Itís awesome. While there I picked up two small wooden birdhouses. Theyíve been sitting in my closet for months and months next to the two giant clothespins I also bought.

But I had a sudden burst of inspiration. Iím going to paint them bright, fun colors, hang them in the boysí room and put a couple of adorable bird decals around them. Itís going to look awesome. I promise.

So last night, Kathy and I sat at the kitchen table and we each painted one. The combo of doing something crafty and doing it with someone else was really quite fun. If I canít have a daughter to do arts and crafts with, well, Iíve got a mother-in-law, right? Right!

I will unveil our mastery once they are dry and up. You will be impressed. Or at least, not appalled. Now, what to do with the oversized clothespins?
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