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When we first moved here, I used to sit in Theo’s room, look around, and desperately try to think of ways to make it feel fun and warm and cozy. It was hard. We got here when he was 7 months old and so much of his other-apartment nursery stuff simply didn’t work here. I was exhausted. It was hot. My brain didn't have an ounce of creativity left in it.

It totally depressed me that his room wasn’t awesome. But slowly, very slowly, the room came together and I was pleased-ish.

But being able to do the boys’ room now, I’m really determined to realize my awesome-room potential. Even now, with the room not even totally done yet, I get a little twist in my tummy when I walk in. Something about teeny truck decals bumping over the hills and how Theo points and makes a cute little O with his mouth, turns to me and says, “Truck!” makes me blissfully happy.

I hope baby boy #2 likes it, too. Next up: Your crib, newest little man.
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