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Itís a holiday, but Nate and I are clearly selfish employers: We asked Theoís nanny to come in. We figured this was our one chance to do the big ol room switch with Theo otherwise occupied and out of the house. Man, did we hustle. Our room is a total dump at the moment, but Theoís is looking awesome already.

The total truth? We ran and ran this morning not just to get the rooms done, but so we could make our getaway before Theo returned to discover us still here. We wanted to sit in a bar in the afternoon and have burgers. We wanted to see a movie. Little things, but really big things at the same time.

We felt a little guilty for ditching our boy. Nate more than me. But we needed this day.

Theo exerted his own little brand of revenge when we got home: He emptied his bookshelf. Point taken.
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