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I love IKEA. Love it. I don’t know how apartment dwellers furnished their always-changing homes before the great blue and yellow super store hit our shores. But like most great love stories, there’s a tinge of hate in there, too.

Today goes down in history as the worst IKEA trip yet. Worse than that time we didn’t bring home all of the boxes that held our bureau together. Or that time I stood in line for years to pick up a slipcover only to have the people behind the counter be like, “You want what? Are you sure you called ahead?”

We went on this trip with no sleep. Theo was on his birthday high all night long. Talk, talk, talking. Play, play, playing. No sleep, sleep, sleeping for anyone. So why were we so stupid as to make the journey? The only reason Nate’s parents drove here as opposed to flying was so we could use their pick-up for this trip. So sleep or no sleep, the IKEA must go on.

I’ll just say that this was not one of my or Nate most shining moments. Bicker, snap, sigh, repeat. Even meatballs did not make it better.

The upshot? Theo took a turbo nap this afternoon. Nate and I no longer want to disembowel each other. AND, new IKEA stuff for the BOYS and for us. Wooo!
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