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I love planning parties. Love it. I like to Google the hell out of various incarnations of “modern invitation” to find exactly what I’m looking for. I like to stock goodie bags with cheap but perfect toys and fun or come up with favors that are truly cool. I like to figure out the right color combo to make the plates, balloons, etc. coordinate in a fresh way. And I love to bargain shop.

So, yeah, it’s a lot about me. I get it. But the main goal, really, is to make the in-honor-of person feel totally special. To know that I really thought about what they would enjoy.

Does any of this truly matter to a 2-year-old? Likely not. But I’m sure next year I’ll be forced to decorate with dump trucks, so I’m taking advantage.

Theo was kind of overwhelmed by all of the excitement today: Nana and Grampy plus Grandpa and Gram were on hand. All of his toddler and infant friends were there. And lots of our non-breeder friends were partying, too. There was an ice cream cake and blow-up guitars. And Siwat played a mini concert for the kiddos. Spencer kept saying “more song,” while Lauren played along with the tambourine and Theo bum rushed the stage.

There were no toddler meltdowns. The grown-ups were pleased to locate the mini keg. And Theo kept repeating “Happy, Happy!” all night. In fact, he stayed up all night talking about his party. It’s hard to be mad when he’s so excited.

Happy birthday party, little man. Same time next year, ok?
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