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This is my beautiful new nephew, Lucas.


While meeting and cuddling a newborn is quite awesome, being invited into the world of spankin’ new parents is quite awesome, too. Tracy and Steve aren’t the types to put on any airs. What you see is them—their anxiety, their excitement, their exhaustion with their new life. Tracy fed the little guy, while Steve entertained Theo, while Nate and I (mostly Nate) put together Lucas’ swing. We all rotated eating lunch: visiting nurse came to see the baby and Tracy, baby needed to be fed, Theo needed to run. Steve napped on the sofa with Lucas nestled to his chest. Tracy powered through a slew of visitors, but always having no problem excusing herself to tend to her son.

They’re wiped out and overwhelmed, but they are doing great. It makes me excited, and yes scared, to do this whole new baby thing all over again. Holding Lucas was so easy. I wasn’t afraid I was going to drop him. Heck, I walked around with the baby in one arm, the bouncy seat in the other, with my expanding belly in between with no problems. And Theo seemed fairly intrigued by his cousin, too. “Baby?” he’d ask. We’d lift him up to see. “Baby!”!

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