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Flight delayed three times.
Seven and a half hours at the airport.
Flight cancelled.
No flights to Maine today or tomorrow.
We have to come back on Saturday, fly to Boston then drive to Maine.
We returned home with no luggage.
I have no toothbrush, makeup or glasses.

But, oddly enough, today was actually a pretty nice day. Don’t get me wrong. I’d be soooo happy to be in Maine right this second with toothbrush in hand, but our day at the airport was like the world’s most expensive playdate for Theo. He had a blast. He got both his mama and dada all day long. He saw tons of airplanes take off and land (just not ours). He introduced himself to a million strangers. He played his little heart out at the Jet Blue kids’ area. He said “Weee!” numerous times.

It’s really, really hard to get upset when your toddler is beaming back at you. Thanks, man.
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