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I was quite the artsy-craftsy kid. I spent hours and hours drawing pictures on my bedroom floor. I painted anything in our basement that my mom gave the ok to. I cross-stitched. I latch-hooked. I could often be found with glue sticks, pom-poms, felt, popsicle sticks and left-handed scissors in close proximity.

I was really looking forward to resurrecting this old love with my children. Oh, the fun rainy day activities!

So I was pretty excited to do a little multi-media art project with Theo this morning. I busted out the crayons, markers and finger paints. Got the smock all ready. Taped down the white paper and laid out the construction paper. Even got the camera out to capture the process.

Um, it didn’t quite work out how I had hoped.

There were tears.

Apparently, Theo doesn’t like paint-covered hands. He was all, “Waaaaa! Yucky!” I countered with “No yucky! Fun!” He did not listen to reason.

I’m going to have to start hanging my own dang art on the fridge. Waa!

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