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Nate loves holding babies. His face lights up when he sees one ripe for snuggling, immediately making a B line for the sink to get his hands clean and baby-ready. Here he is brushing up on his newborn skills with Charlie.

I still canít really get my head around the reality that weíll have one of these in the spring. This whole second-time-around experience has already been so different than the first.

Even though I feel worse this go round (slight pukiness and extreme tiredness), the pregnancy simply doesnít take center stage in our lives. Weíre busy. Weíve got a lot on our plates. I donít really have the time or inclination to thumb through What To Expect When Youíre Expecting. I keep forgetting how far along I am. I didnít even think to ask Nate if he wanted to come to the first doc appointment when you get the ultrasound picture. And other peopleís reactions arenít really at the same level as they are with your first baby, either. I feel bad. This kid is already getting the shaft!

But I keep thinking of this thing I read a while ago. I cannot for the life of me remember where it came from, but it goes something like this: The first baby may get all of this undivided attention and ohhs and ahhs. But that baby is born into your world. And adult world. The second child gets the great privilege of arriving into a childís world.

That thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This little one may not get the hours of one-on-one time that Theo enjoys. He or she may not have 1 million photos documenting every moment of his/her first year. But he/she gets a big brother; a home that is so ready for him/her; and parents who almost know what they are doing some of the time. Maybe the kid will be okay afterall.
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