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Today: Not so good.

Theo and I are usually excellent fliers. Nate is the one who has plane issues—not us. But this morning, the tables, oh how they turned.

We were not liking the ride. We were a little higher than usual. A little bumpier than usual. A little grumpier than usual. My head and ears became instantly clogged. One of Theo’s teeth decided to bust through his gums mid-flight. Tears. Screaming. Bad news. Not one thing our bag of tricks worked.

The guy in front of us sighed loudly throughout the ordeal and shot us “can’t you control your child?” looks. He even bitched to the flight attendant to “do something about the problem.” Ass! The flight attendant, thankfully, was all, “Huh? What am I supposed to do?”

I hate being the spectacle. I hate when Theo is truly upset and we can’t make him feel better. I hate when moving my head makes me want to vomit.

New York, we’re home!
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