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All this week we’ve had fill-in caregivers for Theo. Today, the lovely Tahiti volunteered to take the little man on. How nice is that? She offered to watch two kids under two all by herself. I was equally impressed and grateful. And, get this: she made them homemade zucchini pancakes and delicious ravioli for dinner.

While Tahiti handled dinner tonight, the rest of the week I’ve been getting home extra early so I could give Theo dinner and a bath before bed. The goal was to off-set the cost of the fill-in caregivers, but the result was really an awesome pleasure. You see, Theo is usually already in his jammies—all fed and clean—by the time I get home at 6. And, some days, Theo is really ready for night-night by the time I get home. He’ll hang out with me and everything, but his heart isn’t in it. He wants bed. This week: His heart was totally in it. I loved it.
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