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I got to co-host my sister’s baby shower today. I’ve been planning it in my head since before she was even pregnant. I’m dead serious. Tracy is not a girly-girl, so having the standard party at a stuffy restaurant, bathed in pastels, while guests played tedious baby games is just not her (thank goodness). So I decided to combine Tracy’s love for cheesy 80s music with the fact that she’s reproducing with a Rock the Cradle theme shower: We decorated with music-y onesies and Ts. Had a “music box” for guests to contribute to the munchkins CD collection. Gave away CD mixes as favors. And, of course, had rock in roll rubber duckies sitting atop the cupcakes.

Pat. On. Back.

The best part? Being able to hang out with Tracy after the party and helping her put all of the itty-bitty clothes and new goodies away in the nursery. Post-baby shower is such an exciting time, such a holy-crap-this-is-really-happening time. It’s pretty nice to be a part of it.
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