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Spencer, one of the Playgroup 4, celebrated his 2nd birthday today. There was cake and balloons and Thomas the Train, so you know, all of the fixings to make a toddler extremely blissful.

When we started the playgroup it was, I think, more for the moms. At least for me it was. Yes, of course, I wanted Theo to be exposed to other kids and learn some social skills and all of that good stuff. But I also wanted to be in the presence of other moms who I liked. I wanted to absorb their knowledge and meet some nice, cool, normal people in the process who werenít crazy, obsessive mothers.

Itís only recently that the kids have followed the moms lead and actually become friends. Now, the little ones play together, not just side by side. Leonie took Theoís hand and danced with him this afternoon. Theo shared a snack with Anna and pushed Leonie in a wooden cart. Spencer and Theo ran in circles together in the backyard. They recognize each other. They look forward to seeing each other every Friday. They say each others names. Well, they all do but Theo, but Iím sure he knows their names.

Today was a really nice day. What made it even nicer: Nate got to see a little bit of what I get to be a pert of every Friday.
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