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Nothing can compare to seeing your child so filled with excitement and joy that he needs to give you and your husband numerous grouphugs. Nothing.

We took Theo to the Brooklyn Childrenís Museum this afternoon. He loved it, like, Christmas-morning loved it. Nate and really just stood back and watched Theo go nuts. His two favorite parts: The water-play room where you suit the little ones up in smocks, roll up their sleeves and let them splash and play in these big ol sink type of things. Next up: The musical instruments. Theo banged on those drums like it was his job. Swinging his butt and his head to the beat.

I actually tear up watching him sometimes, stunned that we made this awesome little kid who just loves, loves, loves. When heís bang, banging away thoroughly enjoying the music heís making, then suddenly stops, looks over his shoulder to make sure youíre there, smiles at you, then goes back to business. Thatís kind of what itís all about.
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