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It's Nate's birthday! What better way to celebrate than outlet shopping, eating take-out, and receiving a NetFlix gift certificate? Ok, so this day was not my finest work. In fact, it was one of the worst efforts put into a birthday ever. There was even a very tired, grouchy, hungry moment at the end of the day when I declared that it didn't matter that it was Nate's birthday. Seriously. Outloud. I know! So bad. (I did appologized promptly, though.) I'm hoping to make up for everything once we're home.

But there were some nice moments today, like discovering a yard, swing set, and playhouse behind the pub we stopped at for lunch. Nate got to eat fried fish and chat with his mom, while Theo and I eavesdropped on the locals (lots of kids named Milo, fyi), played with mini beer kegs outside the playhouse, and tried to insert ourselves into big-kids play--and they were kinda cool with it. So, yeah, not a total loss.
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