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My sister hates shopping. Hates it. There always needs to be a promise of lemonade and a bench nearby for Tracy to even agree to it. But today she was game. Today, the baby registry gun was in full effect and she came armed with lists!

Let me rewind a bit: The other week I asked Tracy if she had made a baby-things list. No, she said. She was simply going to take the registry cheat sheet I e-mailed her a while ago. ďArenít you going to research the safety of things like car seats? And, you know, do you know what colors you want the linens and things to be?Ē Pause. ďOh. I guess Iíll do that.Ē

Cut to today: We had two lists, a book, and a purse full of snacks and water to keep us going. After several stores, a yummy lunch to re-fuel, and a couple of hours online filling in holes, Tracy is done!

Sheís relieved. Steve is happy he didnít have to step foot in a Babies R Us. And Iím giddy that I got to help. We all win!

You know you can actually hire people to be your baby planner? They register with you and do all that sort of stuff. If the idea of it wasnít so obnoxious, Iíd totally do it.
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