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Last night, I finally started to eat a little bit of chewable food. (Yay chicken!) And Nate and I got all cozy on the sofa to watch I am Legend. (Yay movie!) But our pleasure was abruptly shattered by the piercing scream of a toddler in the next room.

Theo was burning up; hot from head to toe. He was just this big lump of boy, limp and sobbing in my arms. It took all of three seconds for me to start crying right along with him. Nate breaks out the thermometer and the do-we-still-have-to-put-this-in-his-butt conversation is quickly concluded with a big fat Yes. It’s 103 degrees. Medical books get pulled from shelves. Doc gets called. And a cold cloth gets draped over Theo’s hot little forehead.

Doc says not to worry. Give him Tylenol. So we do as we’re told and Theo falls asleep...until he’s screaming again. Nate and I take turns draping ourselves over the crib and rubbing Theo’s back (the only way to guarantee silence). When we get tired, the screams return. Eventually, I brought the fiery little guy into our bed, thinking I could at leat lay down and even sleep with my hand on his back. Brilliant!

The plan worked for all of 15 minutes. Then Theo sat up, said “Hi” and gave Nate a big fat raspberry on his belly.

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