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Today, I took my non-contagious, but still drunk-sounding, self out of the house to mix and mingle with Tracy and Spencer. Off to the zoo. Love that zoo!

Spencer and Theo together at the zoo was just too cute. They ran after each other and quickly stopped to look at an animal. Seeing their teeny little butts side bt side as they gawked at the owls was just too much. And the sheep feeding! And playing in the hay stacks! And sharing a box of cheesy crackers--and quite neatly at that!

Are they friends? I don't know. I don't know if their toddler minds think, "hey, this guy is totally my buddy." But I love to see Theo hang out with a fellow little person. I love listening to their pointed babble to one another. Are they learning to build relationships? I really have no idea if they have that capacity yet. But, you know, it can't hurt. Plus, I get to work on building relationships, too. So it's all-around good.
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