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Originally, Nate and I invited Catherine and Carl over for dinner. Then we were like, “We should totally ask Matt and Tamar, too.” Then we found out Matt’s parents would be in town. Bring ‘em along! Amy and Siwat, come over, too. And you too, Steve (aka Cat’s bro). So, yay, accidental mini party in the backyard! Those are my favorite kinds.

People came over around 4ish so Theo could mix and mingle with everyone. While I adore time with friends sans the boy, I really do enjoy seeing everyone relate and react to him—and vice versa. Theo did great. He relished all of the attention and had no freak outs. And the adults, they seemed to like him, too. Siwat, for example, simply cannot resist Theo’s big fat cheeks. In fact, I believe he’s the one who originally dubbed Theo Mr. Cheeks. As far as everyone else, Theo totally baited them to clap for him when he’d take a swig from his sippy cup. He’d take a drink, pause, clap and look around. Eventually people caught on and cheered every time he took a sip. (Drunkin’ college foreshadowing, perhaps?)

So, yeah, these are kind of my favorite nights. Friends and our little family intermixing. Beer. Wine. Lobster. Grilling. Gazpacho. Then Theo hitting the sack, but we don’t’ have to leave the fun. Best.
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