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Today I embarked on the unofficial Summer 2007 Brooklyn Baby Tour. First up: Baby Henry, born to Eileen on July 23rd. Look at that face! Cute! Henry snoozed the whole time, while Theo ran around and stole snacks. I brought Eileen a light and sweet ice coffee and a yummy chocolate brownie but, get this, she couldn’t have them! Henry’s pediatrician doesn’t want Eileen enjoying milky goodness for a while because her baby daddy has severe dairy allergies and they don’t know Henry’s sensitivity. All I have to say to that is WTF! That is just not fair. Having friends bring chocolately treats when visiting the baby is a total perk she’s missing out on--not to mention a caffeine injustice here.

Next baby: Linnea’s brand-new Scarlett! (Doll!) I was totally expecting a war zone in her apartment. But when I got there--silence. Jackson was playing in his room. Scarlett was sleeping. Mike was out for a run. And Linnea was smiling in the kitchen. Linnea asked if I wanted to hold the little one. “She’s sleeping,” I said. “So,” Linnea said. Then she scooped her up and placed her in my arms where she continued to sleep. Awwww. Newborns. They like to sleep! I forgot. It was a lovely visit, I have to say. Theo and Jackson totally entertained each other, a tiny little girl snuggled with me and Linnea and I got to sit a chat.

Maybe this two baby thing is doable. I will be paying close attention.
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