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I went to Eileen and Jesse’s baby shower today. It was co-ed and in Prospect Park, so I took my chances and brought the little guy along. (He was invited, fyi. I wouldn’t just take him!) He was, well, let me put it this way: Another mom to a toddler boy took one look at Theo and said, “Oh, I left mine at home. I knew I’d be chasing him all day.”

Um, yeah. But I knew what I was getting into. He ran and ran and ran. He hung by another party’s soccer goal waiting for a ball to escape. Hi giggled. He stole a sippy cup. He spilled wine. And he was smitten with Carl, who graciously ran after him so I could eat a bite. The big victory: He did not nosedive into any of the picnic food. Yay to restraint—or distraction.

And the other victory, of course, pre-welcoming a new friend to the world. Yay babies! Yay Eileen! I’m excited to meet this (surely) blond, blue eyed bambino. Any day now…

By the way, while I was pushing Theo, two boxes of wine (yes, boxes), and a jumbo baby present up that darn slope of Park Slope—while drinking an ice coffee—I was reminded of another piece of advice I should give to all parents to be: Make sure you can steer that stroller with one hand because you will need that other hand for coffee. Trust me.
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