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This is me and my sister in Old Orchard Beach, Maine in 1984. Hereís what I remember:

I got cotton candy stuck in my hair.

That reversible purse Iím holding totally rocked my world.

Tracy and I really, really, really wanted pick-your-own-iron-on sweatshirts. We, of course, got Smurfs.

My dad got the high score of the day at the skee-ball hut, taking home a humungous stuffed dog dressed in a yellow raincoat and hat. We were super-excited, until Tracy and I realized there was only one stuffed dog. The next day, my dad went and got the high score again so we could both have that ugly ass dog.

The snow globe and frog-made-of-shells were the souvenirs of choice.

Today, we brought Theo to Old Orchard. He wonít remember a thing. But hereís what Iíll tell him about his trip:

You ran toward the ocean with no fear, with your nana and grampy holding your hands.

The waves knocked you over and you laughed.

I got you a cheesy graffiti T-shirt with your name painted on it.

Your nana kicked some serious butt in skee-ball and helped to win you bubbles and a harmonica.

You ate dinner hanging of the back of a pick-up truck. It was all very classy.

Good times.
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