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Before we got to Maine, we were coaching Theo to say “Nana” as a special treat for his grandparents. (Sorry, Rick, but “Nana” is way easier to say than “Grampy.”) All of our practice paid off: Theo is shouting “Nana” all over the place…whether he sees Kathy or Rick. But that’s ok. Nana is clearly Theo’s word for those really nice people who smother him in love and kisses.

Another party trick that we are exploiting this week: We keep asking Theo what Cookie Monster says. Theo then proceeds to make, well, silly Cookie Monster-like sounds. It is quite hilarious, though impossible to convey in actual words. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

Oh, and, these are my feet resting. They need it. They’ve been on fulltime toddler duty for a few days. Nate’s feet are resting next to mine. We are sitting on rocks, drinking wine out of plastic cups, breathing fresh air, and staring at the ocean while Theo sleeps under the watchful eyes of his Nana. Nice.
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