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A while ago, out of nowhere, Nate tells me that he’d like to do a shark dive. This revelation knocked my jaw right to the floor. Nate, you see, is not the adventure type. Sure, in his high school days the boy skied and rode white water rapids and camped. But by the time he got to me, his adventures were more of the party trick variety. I had to beg him to go on a rainforest hike with me in Hawaii. I cajoled and nagged until Nate agreed to jump in the waterfalls in Croatia. He holds my bag at amusement parks, for crying out loud!

But once I heard about Nate’s shark wish, I knew that Theo and I had to make it a reality for Father’s Day: So sometime this summer or fall, we’re heading to a pretty sweet aquarium in Long Island where Nate will be tossed in a 120,000-gallon tank peppered with sharks. I’m super-excited! (And, I think, Nate is too.) How cute will Nate be in his wetsuit? Plus: a souvenir towel! And afterward, we can all troll the aquarium and have some good old fashion family fun. Love it!

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