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This is Tricia’s baby Lucas. (Spitting image of papa Bruce, fyi.) Theo and I went to visit them today. It’s so trippy to be in the presence of a small baby when your own small baby is now a big boy. It was nice to see all the reminders of new babyhood strewn around Tricia’s apartment: The different mobiles hanging in various rooms depending on where dear Lucas decides to sleep; the baby bouncer; the activity mat; the immaculate and rarely slept-in crib.

Tricia was good. She has her mom there helping out. No one seemed overwhelmed, just a wee bit exhausted. We sat in the living room and talked about sleep training as Theo tossed carrots in our water glasses. We then moved outside where we talked about nannies and work, while Theo ran through a fountain then into someone apartment (their door was open!). All the while, Lucas cuddled in mama or grandma’s arms.

Nice afternoon.

Have I mentioned how much I love having Fridays at home with Theo? Well, I do. Love.
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