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We had dinner with Chris and Angela tonight. They are with child, you know. So very exciting!! Seeing such good friends giddy with excitement over their impending big-ass life change has made me all nostalgic for my pregnant daysóback when you couldnít really see beyond your belly, the birth, and the nursery.

Itís such an amazing time full of anticipation and what-ifs. Itís also chockfull of ignorance. People say ignorance is bliss. They would be right. But I do think a few nuggets of reality are helpful. So Iíve been trying to come up with a few said nuggets for all the parents-in-waiting I know and I keep coming back to this one moment between Nate and I.

We were in the old apartment. Theo was sleeping. Finally. I was in the basement doing a load of laundry. Nate followed me down and I burst into tears. I said, ďIíve never felt like I was so bad at a job before.Ē I meant motherhood, not laundry. Nate hugged me. He reminded me that we were just learning; that weíll figure it out.

He was right. We did figure it out. Or, more aptly, we figured out how not to beat ourselves up about everything we donít know. We figured out that we are going to make a bazzilion mistakes, but in the long run, Theo isn''t phased by 99.9% of them.

So there you go: My nugget.
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