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FRIDAY MAY 30 2008
FRIDAY MAY 30 2008
Dude likes dancing on the bed. A lot.

Not long ago, this feat wasn’t possible. Theo could not climb on the bed all by himself. He’d just stand there and squeal/whine/pester until someone gave him a boost. That all changed, however, when he witnesses one of his playdate pals walk right over to the bench at the foot of the bed, clamber on top, then boom, on the bed she was.

Theo looked at her, then me, than her again, in complete disbelief. Clearly, he had never thought of this. So over the next week or so, he’d try to copy his lady friend’s achievement every morning and every night. Then, finally, success! He danced. He ran in circles. He tossed a great number of the books behind the bed on the floor. He tossed himself onto the pillows. He rolled around. He opened and closed and opened and closed the curtains. He turned on the radio and screwed up my alarm. And he danced some more.

Love it. I don’t love my books all over the floor. But the one-man dance party I can get behind.
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