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SUNDAY MAY 25 2008
SUNDAY MAY 25 2008
Visitors! My sister and her hubby this weekend. While I love, love, love having them, I always feel kind of bad when people are forced to enter the realm of Toddler Time. Wake up at 6 on a Saturday. Sit on your butt for an hour and a half in the late morning waiting for nap time to finish up. Playground-hopping for hours. Leaving stores/restaurants/anything before you’re actually done. Sounds like a great weekend away, right? I’m hoping that extreme cuteness and Theo’s random party tricks (pointing to body parts is in heavy rotation right now) keep ’em coming back, though. Lord knows it’s not going to be our hosting skills (“Wanna order dinner?”) and pristine living quarters (“Just ignore the cat hair. There’s a lint brush in the bathroom.”).
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