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I had to take a picture of my refrigerator for work (donít ask).

Overall, I think Iím doing an okay job keeping that thing stocked with healthy, Theo-friendly eats. The fact that this fridge is a sliver compared to normal fridges hasnít made it easy. I keep reminding myself that the people who lived here before us had two kids. If they could make it work, so can I, gosh darn it. (But I am hankering for an extra freezer in the basement. That makes me sound super-old doesnít it? Sigh.)

I have to admit, I like that Theo forces me to keep the refrigerator full. I mean, I canít very well feed the boy leftover crab rangoon, can I? So every Sunday I drag my butt to the surprisingly non-dumpy Key Food and fill my cart with tons of frozen fruit and veggies, bananas, watermelon, apple sauce, yogurt, juice, all matter of organic and whole wheat goodies, those 100-calorie packs (great for the stroller), and more. (Yay $4 delivery!) When the boys arenít in tow, Iím even reading labels for sodium, sugar and aspartame content. (Boys are too impatient for reading.)

Iíve always eaten fairly healthy (albeit sometime too much), but being in charge of another personís diet has totally raised the bar. And Nate and I are so benefiting. More cooking! Less ordering! I even heard Nate explaining to someone why we buy organic chicken and milk. Awww. Heís paying attention.
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