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When Nate and I were carefree, brunch-having, booze-gulping, money-spending, lazy bones we didn’t necessarily need activities to keep us entertained. We did just fine without the help of museum memberships, book clubs, sports teams, and the like. But when you have a kid, you gotta step it up. You see, kids don’t enjoy watching you eat/drink/shop/sleep your days away. (Silly kids! They’ll learn.)

So I’ve been busily scowering local Web sites and newspapers trying to come up with some fun stuff do with Theo this summer. I even made a chart! One of the activities on my list: the Prospect Park Zoo—which you may remember from the fall.

Today, we returned—with in-laws in tow. Theo fed the animals, pointed at ducks, chased some wildlife, smiled at the seals, and went a little nuts for the fish. And—bonus—we rode the carousel afterward. Sure Theo looked totally scared, but I loved it! I’m a sucker for rides, even granny-style ones.

So it’s decided: A zoo membership it is! We can go to all the city’s zoos and the aquarium for a year. I’m seriously surprised by how excited this makes me. If I get this giddy over repeatedly seeing caged animals and fish, can you imagine what it will be like when we get to do seriously fun kid-related stuff—like Disney? I’m will surely crap myself.
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