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If you haven’t been to playground lately, let me fill you in on a fascinating phenomenon: The Stroller Swap and The Stroller Steal. About every other toddler comes to the playground gripping a mini stroller. They stroll sippy cups, balls, dolls, or nothing at all. And, by golly, they stroll with gusto and focus.

Theo does not have a mini stroller. Today, however, he stole one. Actually, at one point, he stole two—one for each hand. Luckily, no one ever seems to care if their child’s stroller was commandeered by another. You’ll just hear a mom saying something like, “I’m packing up. I need to take the pink stroller soon.” It’s all very civilized—aside from all of that toddler screeching.

Since this teaches sharing, I don’t actually have to buy one of these strollers, right? Oh, wait. Theo isn’t the one learning about sharing—just stealing. Hmmm. Well, he’s teaching others to share, right? That’s good enough for now.
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