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I love the beach. I love lying idle all day long, with the hot sun on my skin. I love falling asleep on my towel while attempting to read a book. I love walking right where the ocean meets the sand, getting my feet nice and wet, then wading into the water.

And Iím sure one day Iíll get to do that again. Till then, I have to say, Iím thoroughly enjoying this new beach routine: Watching a little boy discover the sand and the ocean and the shells and hearing him squeal as he runs after his shadow. Good stuff.

There was a lot of good stuff today: Pool-splashing, BBQ-meat eating courtesy of Keith; and, really, just being the same space as Tracy. I know this will sound so corny, but I love being a mom alongside Tracy being a mom alongside her mom being a mom. Iíve known these ladies for so longóbefore boys, before New York, before my mom was gone. With them, itís just a very warm and comfortable place to be. Makes a girl wanna move right inóor down the street, on the water, and never ever see a cold-ass winter day again.
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