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Today I thought Id relocate myself to my rightful place in the passenger seat of the car. I got Theo a fun just-for-the-car toy. Hes a forward-facing little boy now. He was fed, clean, and happy. It would be great. I figure Id hang in the back till we stopped for coffee, just to make sure Theo was all acclimated and doing good. Were rarely in the car, you see.

So Theo and I were having a lovely time chilling in the rear when he started very cutely sticking his tongue out at me. I let mine hang out, too. Fun, fun! Until, that is, Theo let his tongue wag an oddly long time and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over that fun just-for-the-car toy.

This happened four other times. FOUR! My poor buddy has motion sickness. Luckily, he was fairly unphased. Nate and I, however, were very phased by the stench of yogurt, watermelon and stomach acid that accosted our noses. Smells like college!

We had to stop at an off-the-highway Target to get towels, baby wipes and new clothes for Theo. I have to say, it was quite fun carting around a diaper-and-sock clad baby in public. So trashy!
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