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When people ask you how old your kid is, they often say ďthatís a great ageĒóno matter how many months-old you spit back at them. When Theo was strapped to my person 23.5 hours a day and not sleeping at all, people would say this to me. These people were surely bat shit crazy.

But you know, now when I answer 14-months-old and people say ďthatís a great age,Ē Iím all, ďI know! I am loving this.Ē This is what Iíve been waiting for. This is when it all starts getting really good. Not that babyhood isnít awesome on many levels, but toddlers, these are my people.

When I see Theo try to snap a snap for 15 minutes and get totally frustrated that he canít do it yet, I feel for the little dude. Iím totally impatient, too!

When he takes the spoon out of my hand so he can feed himself, Iím thinking, Yes! Independence! I am an I-can-do-it-myself kinda girl. I can soooo relate.

When we go to the playground, he runs, runs, runsóthen stops dead in his tracks when he sees the stairs to the slide. Then, of course, he must go up and down a zillion times. Itís like when I hit repeat on the stereo to listen to ďFameĒ over and over again. If you like it you like it.

And then there is the laughing, the honest-to-goodness sense of humor, the ticklishness, the smart-alecky way he looks at me when he knows heís doing something he shouldnít, the sleeping from 7 to 6:30, the great napping, and the utter cuteness of this child.

This is when trouble starts. This is when parents forget the hard, hard, hard part of raising babies and think, we should totally have another one.
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