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Last week I answered the parent equivalent of a personal ad. A neighborhood mom posted a request on the local listserve looking for Friday playdates for her 13-month-old daughter. Mom works 4 days a week; home on Fridays; has two cats; works in the same field as me; we’re the same age; both of our names end in the “y” sound! Can you say “love connection?” I was smitten before we even met!

Two other women answered the posting, as well. And today they all converged on my apartment with their little people in tow. It was good! And you know how I hate socializing with strangers sans wine. It wasn’t awkward. We all found plenty to chat about and the midgets all seemed cool with each other. Only one meltdown (Hi Theo!) and lots of sippy cup swapping.

Yay! It only took me 14 months to round up some moms to hang with. What did you expect from someone who still has “take prenatal yoga” on her to-do list?
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