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Topic 1: Hair

Bangs! And a bob! Woooo change! My theory: This haircut will make me look younger, more awake and more fashion-forward, or at least less like a field hockey player (ready: ponytail addict). Let’s all pray that my generous assumptions are true. (I think I may need a slight revision, though. I seem to look a little more like Suri than Katie…)

Topic 2: Music

That there is my boy sitting on my lap rocking out to his first out-of-the-womb concert! (He was privileged enough to attend Madonna and Paul Simon while swimming in the amniotic sea. Lucky fetus!) He loved it. He even clapped at appropriate moments!

We always knew he like music—the clapping along and spinning in joyful circles to The Fiest gave us a clue. But it wasn’t until he started his new music class (in lieu of his super-early-tear-inducing gym class) that I really got it. Theo, like, swoons over the guitarist and the drummer in his class. While other kiddies are running in circles or chilling in laps, Theo will bum rush the musicians. He wants to touch the guitar. He gazes at the drums in awe. Sometimes, he closes his eyes and tips his head back as he reaches musical nirvana. It’s great.

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