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While Theo was getting his hair slicked by grampy this morning, Nate and I were nursing hangovers at the lovely Soho Grand, a borough away. One of us (Nate) needed a lot more nursing than others. Just like old times!

Last night, we abandoned our boy with nana, grampy, and auntie Amy so we could get drunk and eat strangely in the city. Woo! Here are some highlights:

I had a cute new dress to wear. Black, of course. Weíre now NYC tourists, you see. And tourists in the know only wear black.

We got champagne upon arrival at the hotel and Iíve since decided that all of my arrivals need to be greeted with a glass of bubbly.

We lounged, toasted, and chatted in bed at 5 in the afternoon (!) admiring the back-of-a-billboard view from our window.

A phone call home let us know that Theo fell asleep with no problems. Woo!

We went to the dark and delicious Temple Bar for filthy martinis and yummy bowls of salty goodness, then to a pretentious restaurant where we proceeded to order stupidly then to ask for our rabbit and duck to go (that didnít go over well).

We drunkenly stumbled back to the hotel, talking too loud and smooching on various corners. Scandalous!

I donít remember much else, except that I ate my duck with my bare hands. Classy.
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