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The party has happened!

Was it as Martha as I had hoped? No. Was I the perfect hostess? Not quite. (Nate was working my last nerve and sometimes I simply cannot compartmentalize.) Was Theo an angel the entire day? Nope. He got seriously grumps mid-party and, get this, took a nap! The nerve. Though, I too have taken a nap mid-party before. At least Theo had the wherewithal to doze in his porta-crib. (I fell asleep in the bathroom.) But just like the mama, Theo rallied to see the party to the end. Good boy.

Some highlights:

The cake. Christine interpreted my vision perfectly. Look at its delicious beauty!

The clapping. Upon seeing his guests clap post-candle-blowing, Theo joined right in the applause. So sweet.

The frosting face. Theo had his first piece of cake—with a dollop of ice cream, of course. His reaction to the taste (confusion) and the yellow mess (disgust) was hil-arious.

The video. I’m so happy that we got some of these great moments on video. Nate and I have been sooo bad with the video cam.

The banner: Ok, “highlight” isn’t quite right, but I made it! And I hope to use it every year for the little man.
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