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Theo loves playing with the phone葉he phone and the remote control. So bad. They are like the germiest things in the house. Microbiologists say so.

But today I wiped down the phone and let the boy have at it. Buttons! Beeps! The joy lasted long enough for me to get dressed and do a slapdash makeup job. Hooray!

But tell me: Is it awful that I知 getting him his own non-germ-ridden play cell phone for his birthday? It feels wrong. I知 not sure why though. I mean, I知 positive I had the super-cute Fisher Price rotary phone when I was a wee one. It痴 because it痴 a cell, right? Like somehow I知 conditioning my child to be one of those obnoxious people who answers his phone at the movies or on a date or something?

I guess it can just be a fun toy for now and I値l save the manners lesson for later. At least I知 not getting him a toy remote control. Now that would be bad.
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