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Theo and I were at Carolineís this afternoon. (That's her and Parker.) Between eating lunch, changing diapers, chit-chatting, and baby-entertaining, Caroline was busily making plans for a weekend in the mountains. The adults will be cavorting while the kids get pewee ski lessons and daycare. The whole brood is doing some state-hopping for the holidays, too. And while the adults are rocking out at a New Years concert in Texas, the kiddies will be kickiní it with the grandparents a few states away.

Meanwhile, Nate and I have been away from Theo together for a grand total of 4 hours.

So when Theo went down for his afternoon nap today, I went on the local parentsí listserve thingy and posted a request for a babysitter (which I shouldíve done a while ago.) We need us an old school sitter: A nice, responsible, local student who wants to make a few extra bucks on the weekend. I donít want a Super Nanny. Heck, I donít even want our nanny. (Time and a half? We just cannot justify the cost.) I just want a nice girl to sit on the couch and watch the monitor so Nate and I can chill the heck out.

The sooner we get this in gear, the sooner Nate and I can feel comfortable taking an actual vacation. Beach! Unlimited cocktails! Or, like, culture or something. I'll take anything.
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